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Partial Dental Prosthetics

If you’ve lost a number of teeth, either through trauma or oral disease, you may want to consider a partial dental prosthetic! Tooth replacement is best handled by a professional because a custom-designed, properly molded appliance can bring relief and last for many years. By replacing your missing teeth with a dental prosthetic, you can restore your smile, stop bone loss, and regain confidence. At Swiss Denture & Implant Center, we have the experience and professional expertise necessary to craft a custom and beautifully designed solution for your partial dental prosthesis!


Swiss Denture & Implant Center in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Bridges are dental appliances that can fill in the spaces caused by missing teeth. A dentist experienced with restorative dentistry can recommend the best solution for your jaw structure, lifestyle, and gum health. Dental bridges can be an excellent way to restore your facial structure, prevent bone loss, and renew your smile. The teeth adjacent to the empty space must be modified and ground down in order for a bridge to be placed, so this option may not be for everyone.

Consulting with a dental professional is your best step toward finding out if a bridge works for you and your health. Depending on your existing tooth loss, the health of your remaining teeth and gums, and jaw structure concerns, a bridge may, or may not be suited to restore your smile.

Single Tooth Prosthetics

The Swiss Denture Center has multiple options for replacing a single tooth, including partial dentures, bridges, and dental implants. If you have a single tooth in your mouth that needs to be replaced, we recommend single tooth dental implants. Instead of using a bridge, which can sometimes compromise surrounding teeth, you can replace your missing tooth with just one implant and a crown.

Using a single dental implant prosthetic has some advantages:

  • Preserves the integrity of surrounding teeth
  • Looks and functions like a natural tooth
  • Provides better bone preservation

Note: If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, partial dentures may not be right for you. You may want to consider full dentures.