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Full Dentures and dental services in Portland ORIf you have suffered extreme tooth loss, it is important to take action right away. Missing teeth can cause a number of health problems, and getting treatment as soon is possible is extremely important. Dentures allow for complete restoration of severe tooth loss. There are two main types of dentures that are both effective solutions for missing teeth: full dentures and partial dentures. No matter the type, dentures are a great solution for those looking to feel confident smiling and eating again!

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, are highly recommended for situations in which all teeth are missing or have been removed. These dentures are designed to fit over the gums to restore oral functionality. Your dentist will fit you for dentures that will suit your gums exactly, and the dentures will be custom-made in a laboratory from the impressions taken. There are a number of reasons why full dentures may be the best option for your oral health.

When to Consider Full Dentures

If you are missing all, or almost all, of your upper and lower teeth along the dental arch, full dentures are likely the proper choice. In some cases, the patient may still have remaining teeth that be extracted by the dentist in order to accommodate the complete dentures. Full dentures stay in place by forming a seal with the natural gums, making it possible to remove the dentures whenever desired—one of the reasons full dentures are favored is precisely because they can be removed at any time. A complete set of dentures creates the appearance of a full, healthy, and attractive set of teeth.

Types of Full Dentures

Full dentures can be one of two types—immediate or conventional.

  1. Conventional: These are made once the proper teeth have been removed and healing of the gum tissue has begun. In normal circumstances, a patient is ready to receive their conventional dentures anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks after the removal of the teeth.
  2. Immediate: Having been made prior to the tooth extraction, these are provided to the patient immediately after the dentist removes the teeth. Using immediate dentures ensures the patient can have temporary, functioning teeth during the healing process. However, because gums shrink as they heal, it’s more likely that immediate dentures will have to be adjusted a number of times during the recovery period.

Why You Should Choose Full Dentures

Full dentures are often the best fit for some patient’s oral health and lifestyle. Getting a complete set of dentures is sure to restore your confidence physically and mentally, and enables the freedom of removing them whenever desired. While periodic adjustment may be necessary over time, full dentures are a reliable option for those suffering from severe tooth loss. If you’re considering full dentures, give Swiss Denture a call today to discuss bettering your oral health!

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