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Same-Day Dental Implants

same day dental implant services in Portland OR and Vancouver WAIs it really possible for a dental professional to put a dental implant and crown in your mouth on the same day you have a tooth extracted? Yes! The advantages of this situation are that there’s just one dental surgery, zero stitches, less pain, and you’ll have a natural-looking tooth that looks and feels just as good as your old one. Same-day dental implants are ideal for anyone wanting to have multiple procedures completed during just one visit!

The Benefits of Same-Day Dental Implants

Same-day dental implants are usually put in your mouth when you have a fractured tooth that’s not able to be restored. In some cases, there can be an associated infection in the tooth as well. To determine whether this procedure is a viable solution for a patient, X-rays are taken of the area. If you are a candidate for immediate dental implants, you’ll have a dental implant placed in your jawbone, and a dental bridge or crown placed on the dental implant. With same-day dental implants, your gums will also be able to more effectively grow around the crown. The entire procedure is done during the same visit, which means that you don’t have to wait for your missing tooth to be replaced.

Are Immediate Load Dental Implants Safe?

The immediate load dental implants procedure is extremely safe when performed by an experienced dental professional. While there are always risks and the possibility of complications with any procedure, they are usually easily treated. Your dentist will cover all of these risks with you to determine if same-day dental implants are a viable option for your health. Plus, you can trust that 3-D x-ray technology and proper planning of the procedure by an experienced dental professional will help ensure that the procedure is a success. Proper post-surgery diet and care will also help contribute to the success of same-day dental implants.

What To Expect

When you have this type of procedure done, it takes a few months for the area between your jawbone and the implant to fully heal and strengthen. You will be instructed to not put any significant pressure on your newly implanted tooth for 12-16 weeks. Our experienced professionals will go over all of this and more with you during your consultation!