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Are Dentures Easy to Wear?

Are Dentures Easy to WearYes, dentures are very easy to wear. You simply insert them in the morning and remove them each night. This allows your gums to rest from the pressure of the denture and also allows you to clean your dentures.

While dentures are easy to wear, new patients say wearing them for the first time is a challenge. Dentures are foreign objects and while they look natural, they don’t provide natural sensations the way your teeth, gums, and roof of your mouth do.

Many patients say their dentures feel too wide or bulky. They say it makes their mouth feel very full and causes them to gag. Pain, irritation, and excess saliva are not uncommon with new denture patients either.

Learning to talk and eat with dentures may be also difficult at first. Fortunately, with time and practice, you’ll become more confident and comfortable with your dentures.