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How to Complete Your Dental Implants from Mexico

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Searching for Dental Implants in Mexico?

In some cases, patients find it easier and more affordable to have their dental implant restorations placed when traveling to Mexico. While this can be a suitable option for many patients, it isn’t always feasible to travel back to Mexico in order to finish the process. In this case, the experts of Swiss Denture & Implant Center can help in finishing the procedure and completing the implants for you in a way that provides you with the proper dental prosthetics.

Need To Know If You’re a Good Canidate For Dental Implants Placed in Mexico?

Swiss Denture & Implant Center provides no cost dental implant consultations to people looking to have their dental implants completed in Mexico. During our no-cost sonsultation you’ll learn if you’re a good canidate for dental implants, how to save money if you’re having your dental implants placed in Mexico, and the right questions to ask before booking your dental implant surgery in Mexico.

Since 1984, Portland area residents have trusted the experts at Swiss Denture & Implant Center to get questions like these answered.

What You Need to Know About Finishing Dental Implants

Dental implant restorations typically take about six months to a year to fully osseointegrate with the bone of your jaw. This means that the implant itself will fuse with the surrounding bone of the jaw, becoming a part of your body and providing a solid foundation for any type of prosthetic to be placed on top. If you had the dental implant(s) placed while in Mexico, there is no reason to travel back to that country in order to finish the process. Rather than spending time and money going back to Mexico, the dental implant professionals at Swiss Denture & Implant Center are fully trained and experienced when working with these situations and can finish the procedure for you.

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Providing You With Quality Dental Prosthetics

If you received your dental implants from Mexico, you can rest assured that the prosthesis that is put on top of the implant can be made in the states. Swiss Denture & Implant Center in Portland, Oregon is able to take impressions of the new implant and create either a crown, fixed bridge or complete denture that will be placed on the restorations you’ve had placed. Not only does this provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that the process can be finished locally, but we will also check the implant that was placed to ensure that it is free of any problems and has been able to fully osseointegrate and fuse with the bone.

A Brand New, Healthy Smile

The dental implant procedure is essential for patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth. Rather than compromise or damage any surrounding teeth in the mouth, the implant works on its own to replace both the actual crown of the tooth and the root system. This prevents the need for removable appliances or having to file down surrounding teeth to make room for a fixed bridge. Regardless of where you had the implant done, the expert professionals of Swiss Denture & Implant Center can easily check the status of the implant, make note of any prosthetic appliances needed and begin the process in finishing your new and healthy-looking smile.

Depending on how many teeth you’re missing and how many implant restorations were placed, you can expect either a single crown to be made for you, a fixed dental bridge or a complete denture. The process is easily and quickly done by our experts, and we’ll ensure that your smile looks natural and healthy. Your new implant can last for many years and provide you with the smile you’ve always wanted to have.

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