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by Barbara Robinson on Swiss Denture Center
Location: Clackamas Oregon
Service Performed: April 2017

I would give more stars if I could. David Chiovelli did an excellent job making and fitting my new dentures. I have been wearing dentures most of my life, and never has it been this easy to have replacements made. Thank you for a good job done!!

by Joann Feigner on Swiss Denture Center
Location: Pacific City Oregon
Service Performed: new dental plates

If I could give DAVID CHIOVELLI at the Clackamas Denture Center 100 stars I could and would. After wearing and having extremely poor fitting dentures for years I had him make new plates for me to fit my 3 dental implants. Fitting them in the afternoon and then flying to the east coast the following morning was a little scary, thinking how many times I had had to go back to have my original dentures filed down to try and eliminate rubbing areas...well guess what, I haven't had to go back one single time for any filing down, they fit and also I have my smile back, which I used to be so proud of and had lost it. Thanks David and company for all you have done! I recommend you a 1000%

by Lori Weslow on Swiss Denture Center
Location: Forest Grove, Oregon
Service Performed: Dentures and 8 implants

Absolutely Amazing!! I have never smiled so much my entire life! My experience with David Chiovelli and Lilly has been life changing. I no longer have to choose foods based on my ability to chew or being self conscience when I smiled because of missing teeth. David is truly an artist and Lilly helped me navigate the financial end of the process. Thank you both for making the journey painless and the end result nothing short of spectacular. Anyone considering implants and dentures should give them a won't be disappointed! : )

Careful service
Service Performed: Implant & partial, full top denture

Very careful in making and fitting the dentures. Replaces caps as needed, makes minor adjustments as my jaw changes. Office is clean and pleasant, and everyone is very courteous.

by Victoria Christine on Swiss Denture Center
Simply wonderful!
Location: Milwaukie
Service Performed: Full & Partial denture replacements

I was very well taken cared of, muchas gracias, Dr.David! You were very patient with me and was so responsive to the minutest sensitivity I whined about! You were very thorough and made sure everything looks and fit comfortably and most importantly, keep my I-can't-help- smiling face!My Dental hygenist was so impressed she's recommending you to their patients! I was more than happy to give her your name and business address!

by Lisa McBryde-Raimer on Swiss Denture Center
First Smile
Location: Portland
Service Performed: Denture

Having a fear of the dentist from a very young age makes the end result as an adult not a good one. Because of David and the Swiss Denture for the first time I'm really truly smiling. I can't even tell you how that makes me feel!!! Thank you Dr.David and Lily, you two ROCK!!!!!!

They are True Artists!

I flew in from Maui and these "fabulous" people made me some beautiful new teeth right in their office (no sending away to China for stupid looking dentures). I had my consultation on Mon, OK'd the prototype on Wed, and picked up my new teeth on Friday (since I'm from out of town). I helped pick the shape and color of my new smile and somehow David made it fun? Seriously, my experience with the dental world usually leaves me in tears. They are true artists! They fit me in for adjustments as needed before I flew home. I'm so grateful for the caring manner in which David, Steven, and Lilly treat people. Don't hesitate to call and find out what they can do for you. David gives a free consultation. Thank you so much, my friends. Lori

Implant Supported Dentures

I don't usually leave comments however, in David's case, I will make a well deserved exception. Some six years ago I went through the agony of having two sinus augmentations, several literally jaw splitting procedures to add bone lost due to half a lifetime of wearing ill fitting dentures in order to have six upper and four lower titanium implants installed; all in one four hour operation in which I was awake most of the time! (If you've been through it you can imagine...) Only to be fitted with less than realistic dentures that had problems from the very beginning. I did some overdue research and decided, with some natural trepidation, on David and Swiss Denture Center. I couldn't have made a better choice! David is a natural born artiste, truly gifted. He studied my face from every angle, calmed my nerves, answered what I'm sure were many redundant questions without irritation or impatience. On top of all this I had a very important deadline I had to impose upon him and with Lilliy's help with scheduling, all was accomplished in just Three Appointments!! Now, one of the first things another person sees when they look at me: my teeth, look so natural and life-like I am amazed. They look as if they've grown straight out of my jaws! And they work as if they have as well! Because of you David I am now more confident and self assured. Thank you very much.

by Kevin Pollack on Swiss Denture Center

I had gone to another firm to get my upper and lower teeth pulled and have dentures made. When I got my new teeth I could not eat, chew, or speak with them and I looked like a monkey!!! I mentioned this to them several times and they tried to fix it but could never fix the problem. I went back many times but I just knew it was not going to work. Luckily they offered a refund to me which I took and so I did some research and found Swiss Denture Center and decided to use that refund towards get some new teeth.
Let me just tell you, the difference between Dr. Chiovelli and the other office was NIGHT and DAY. Within 5 minutes of seeing me he knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it and I now have teeth that look better than my natural teeth ever did! I am also very excited and looking forward to getting implants done in the near future with them.
I see now why you are so popular Dr Chiovelli, and you have a patient for life. I was worried I was going to be stuck with horrible teeth for the rest of my life.
I cannot thank you enough.

by Barbara Barrow on Swiss Denture Center
Dentures & Implants

Have had full dentures since the age of 19. Am now 77 so you do the math. The lower plate just rattled around due to gum shrinkage. At my age I doubted there was a fix out there. To the rescue came the team at Swiss Denture. Two implants on lower front. Are implants expensive? YES Was it painful? NOT VERY. A few days - but nothing the pain pills couldn't handle. The sound and the pressure of the drilling were scary but not painful at all. The 3 month wait was the hardest part - but then comes the reward! Was it worth it all? YES!! You bet it was - every nickel! Would do it again if needed. Life is too darn short for daily discomfort!

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