Easy-Chew System™ – Comfortable Dentures

Comfortable Dentures with the Easy Chew System™

Swiss Denture Center - Easy Chew comfortable denture system - Portland Oregon ORThe Easy-Chew System™ is a specially designed combination of teeth has a distinct advantage over ordinary denture teeth. It addresses and solves the problem the majority of denture wearers experience: difficulty chewing and comfortable dentures!

The Easy-Chew System™ enhances the comfort, stability and balance of the dentures. These powerfully designed back teeth allow you to eat a balanced diet.

No two mouths are alike. Custom Denture Treatment means carefully analyzing each person, then designing the best combination of teeth for appearance and function.

If you are having chewing difficulties, call 503-657-6500, or 1-800-446-1369 for a complimentary evaluation to help you make an intelligent, informed decision.

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