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Can Dentures Look Good?

Can Dentures Look Good?Yes, dentures can look good. While traditional dentures get a bad rap for being very fake looking, modern dentures are very realistic, comfortable, and secure. It generally comes down to the materials you decide on for your dentures.

Acrylic resin is a highly sought after material for dentures because it’s more comfortable, lighter, and is easy to adjust to. However, they tend to wear down fast and typically need to be replaced every five years or so.

Porcelain is another popular material for dentures because it’s durable, strong, and translucent, making it appear more natural. However, it is more expensive than acrylic resin.

Partial metal dentures are another alternative if you only need a few teeth replaced. Partial dentures can be made with all plastic or a combination of metal and plastic. They have claps to keep the denture secure.

To learn more about materials, pricing, and appearance talk with your dentist. They should have examples on hand.

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