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Dental Prosthetics Materials

Dental Prosthetic Materials in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

There are a number of reasons for tooth loss, including receding gums, bacteria and infection, and natural tooth erosion due to age. Dental prosthetics can be custom-designed to provide a solution for a number of scenarios.

Typical Materials Used for Dental Prosthetics

  • Dentures: Acrylic resin, porcelain
  • Implants: Titanium and titanium alloys, ceramic, zirconia
  • Bridges: Porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, gold, and acrylic
  • Partial Dentures: Acrylic resin, porcelain, metal
  • Flippers: Acrylic resin

These are just the typical options in dental materials, but there are many, many more materials available! Dental technology is always advancing, and consulting a professional dental prosthetic expert is the best way to make sure you’re choosing the right material.  Swiss Denture and Implant Center offers the newest industry-leading materials for the construction of our dentures and dental prosthetics.

Swiss Denture & Implant Center offers the latest nanohybrid composites and double cross-linked acrylics which are superior in every way (strength, durability, aesthetics) to traditional materials found elsewhere. 

What to Look for in Dental Prosthetics Materials

Here are some common questions to ask when choosing the material for your dental prosthetic:

  • Biocompatibility: will this material integrate properly with existing bone and gum tissue?
  • Cleanable: can this material be cleaned easily, potentially resist stains, and maintain a stable porosity?
  • Repairable: can this material be repaired easily?
  • Longevity: how long with the material last?
  • Attractiveness: does the material match the surrounding teeth, providing a natural look?

Why Does the Material of Your Dental Prosthetic Matter?

A dental prosthetic does much more than replace missing teeth–prosthetics should always be designed to be functional as well. You’ll be chewing, talking, and smiling with this prosthetic for a long time, and your choice in material could affect your quality of life.

This is why Swiss Denture Center is proud to offer one-on-one consultations and careful, custom-designed solutions. We know everyone’s lifestyle is a little different–and your dental prosthetic shouldn’t be an exception. When you work with Swiss Denture Center, you’ll get the finest in personalize treatments and care. If you’re ready to choose the perfect material for your dental prosthetic, contact us today.