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Partial Dentures

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Partial Dental Services In Portland ORPartial dentures are a removable appliance containing replacement teeth, connected to the mouth by two or more natural teeth. A partial denture is meant to fill in the space that results from missing teeth and prevents the natural teeth in the jaw from shifting position around it, thus decreasing the damage caused by missing teeth.

Due to the way this appliance connects to natural teeth, it is very stable and comfortable.

When to Consider Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are one of the best solutions for dental issues that are isolated to just one area of the mouth. When a small area of only a few missing or damaged teeth needs to be addressed, the partial dentures provides exactly the right fill-in. Partials are also incredibly safe and are an option for nearly all patients.

Types of Partial Dentures

The versatility of partials is owed greatly to their custom sizing and fitting possibilities. Once a limited and generally unattainable appliance, over the years, dentures have become quite varied and versatile. Partials are one result of that advancement. There are different types of partial dentures.

  1. Flexible Partial Denture, as the name suggests it is flexible in the mouth. The flexible material grabs onto remaining teeth holding it in place.
  2. Resin Partial Denture, has no metal clasps, thus tens to fit a little bit looser.
  3. Cast Framework Partial Denture, this has metal clasps which grab onto remaining teeth, securely holding the partial denture in place.

The flexible option is meant mainly for aesthetics, while the cast framework is meant mainly for function; therefore, there is not just one option that is meant for everyone. These options are best discussed with your dental practitioner.

You can also eat a wide variety of foods with partial dentures – click below to learn more!

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be a great fit for many dental issues. A patient with a new set of partials can look forward to much better chewing, speech, a fully natural appearance, increased confidence and self-esteem, and more. Maintaining this type of dental appliance is also fairly straightforward; simply brushing the teeth regularly is often enough to keep partial dentures in their best shape. Removable partials can also be soaked and cleaned by hand, outside of the mouth.
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