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Regular Implants vs. Mini Implants

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regular dental implants vs mini dental implants in Portland OR and Vancouver WATooth loss can occur due to traumatic injury, dental decay, or a problematic tooth that just needs to be extracted. Whatever the reason, dental implants can be used to effectively replace your missing teeth. They’ll look aesthetically pleasing and function just like your regular teeth.

Two common types of dental implants are the traditional implant and the mini dental implant. When comparing regular implants and mini implants, the main differences include their size and healing time.

Traditional Dental Implants

A traditional dental implant is used to restore the form and function of a missing tooth in your mouth. This type of design is built to last for a number of years and are widely considered to be more dependable and comfortable. The dental implant is placed in the jawbone via surgery. Once the dental implant and jawbone fuse together, it’s uncovered. An abutment is placed on top of the dental implant, which is used to attach a permanent crown.

Drawbacks of Traditional Implants

Traditional implants are large and require appropriate bone support. If you have any bone loss in your mouth, you may need to have bone grafting done to add more support for the implant. If you don’t have enough bone to support a traditional dental implant, you’ll need to use an alternative method that doesn’t require as much bone.

Mini Dental Implants as an Alternative to Traditional Implants

A mini dental implant is a great secondary solution if you don’t have enough bone density to support a traditional implant. They are essentially the same in purpose as traditional implants, but their size and structure differ greatly. Mini implants are half the diameter of a traditional dental implant and they’re designed to work in tight spaces or areas of bone loss. Split into two parts, a mini dental implant has a titanium post that has a ball on the end. It also has a small socket that contains a rubber O-ring, which attaches the replacement tooth to the post.

Mini implants are favored for being a more cost-effective solution and only require a minimal amount of healing, so recovery time is much quicker than with traditional dental implants. Also, since mini implants are smaller than regular implants, it requires less drilling and is less invasive, making them a popular choice.

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Regular Implants vs. Mini Implants In Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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