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Can You Be Sedated When You Get Dental Implants?

a dentist works on a sedated patient during surgery

Every surgery is unique. For full dental reconstruction surgery or surgery in multiple parts of the mouth, you’ll likely be sedated under general anesthesia. However, you have to be in good health to receive general anesthesia – if not, it can be very dangerous.

If you’re only getting one to a few implants, you may receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. Before the surgery, take the opportunity to discuss with your dentist the anesthesia options recommended for your surgery. It’s the best time to ask any questions or raise any lingering concerns.

How Do You Determine the Right Anesthetic?

It’s a balance of patient preference and what is right for the procedure. Some patients want to get sedated for even minor procedures. Some would prefer not to be put under – even if they’re undergoing major reconstruction.

Local anesthesia is numbing the area whereas general anesthesia is being put to sleep. Some candidates with certain health conditions should not have general anesthesia as it can be dangerous for them. Nitrous oxide is another tool we can use.

The anesthetics you’re given during your dental implant procedure is a key element, so don’t leave it to the last minute. If you have concerns about any particular method, let your dentist know so they can talk to you about all of your options. That way, you come into the procedure with way less stress and more peace of mind.