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Can I Remove My Dental Implants

dentures like these can be removable, while other dental implants are not removable

On a day to day basis, your dental implant will remain in your mouth at all times. You can think of it as permanent and not removable. However, if there’s an important reason to take it out, your dentist can remove it easily.

What are Some Possible Reasons for Dental Implant Removal?

Your dental implants should feel like real teeth, and part of that means feeling secure like real teeth. To accomplish this, they have to be permanently attached. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be removed by a dentist if the need arises. Here are some examples of why you might need to have a dental implant taken out:

  • Repositioning: Sometimes further bone loss occurs after the implant has already been successful. If such bone loss occurs, your dental implants may have to be repositioned.
  • Early implant failure: The most common time for a dental implant to fail is during the healing process. This is for a number of reasons. Your mouth is at increased risk for infection during this time. Also, sometimes the implant does not fuse with the jawbone. Or the implant may move too much before it’s fused with the bone. In these cases, your dentist may need to remove the implant. 
  • Late implant failure: Implants can fail after the healing process, too, but the risk is less. Poor oral hygiene can lead to infection, which can necessitate removing the implant. Injury is another possible reason.

Keep in mind, dental implant failure is rare so it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to have them removed. And it’s usually in your control too as the leading cause of failure is poor oral hygiene. 

If at any point you feel like there’s something wrong with your dental implant and they need to be removed, contact your dentist right away.