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What do dental implants look like?

Dental implants will look just like natural teeth thanks to advancements in implant technology and materials. But to fully understand the question, “what do dental implants look like,” it’s important to know about the components of a dental implant.

  • Implant: this is the titanium post that is surgically implanted into your jawbone. It acts as the root and is unseen because it’s below the gum tissue.
  • Abutment: the abutment is a connector that attaches to the implant and secures the crown (artificial tooth) in place.
  • Crown: the crown is an artificial ceramic tooth that attaches to the abutment and provides the function and look of a natural tooth. Your dentist will design the crown to have a similar shape and color as your natural teeth.

Most people are unable to tell when a person has dental implants because they blend so seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth.

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