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Can Dental Implants Fall Out?

a rendering of a dental implant shows how secure they are, but they can still fall out

Dental implants should not fall out. They are meant to be permanent – and last you for the rest of your life. That’s why, before you schedule your surgical procedure, your dentist will screen you to make sure you’re an ideal candidate. This is mostly checking your jaw to make sure you have sufficient bone density.

There are instances where dental implants can fail even if you’re an ideal candidate. While rare, this can be due to bone loss, infection, or gum disease.

If you think your dental implants are loosening or you’re experiencing pain and inflammation at the site of the implants, contact your dentist immediately. They’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s happening and why. Crowns are more likely to loosen than implants. 

Practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist at least every three to six months after you’ve had your dental implants. This will go a long way toward ensuring your dental implants don’t fall out.