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What are the Alternatives to All-on-4 Implants?

a traditional dental implant that is one of many alternatives to all on 4

All-on-4 dental implants (also called “Snap On” implants) are a dental restoration method where a prosthetic is permanently attached using just four strategically placed dental implants in your jawbone — two of which are angled. 

All-on-4 implants are an increasingly popular option, and a great option for many, but not the right option for everyone. 

Fixed bridges are one alternative. Similar to All-on-4, a fixed bridge is a permanent prosthetic, but it requires more implants than All-on-4. Some patients prefer fixed bridges for the additional support afforded by the implants in the molar area.

Denture implants are another possible choice. Also known as implant-supported dentures, denture implants cost about half as much as All-on-4 implants. Dentures involve placing dental implants into the jaw (usually four implants, but can be anywhere from two to six). The implants act as anchors and the dentures simply snap into place.