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How Much do All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost?

All-On-4 dental implants can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $25,000. That said, the overall cost of your procedure can vary significantly depending on what type of material you select and whether you are choosing a fixed or removable option. Fixed All-on-4’s require a dentist’s assistance to be removed, while removable options can be taken out of your mouth at the end of each day.

While the price can be steep, All-on-4 dental implants are often much less expensive than a traditional full set of dental implants. Since they only need four implants for a full bridge restoration, they are a much less invasive procedure and require fewer crowns to complete. Aside from affordability, All-on-4 implants can also reduce your recovery time drastically.

If you want to know more about how much your All-on-4 implant procedure will cost, reach out to Swiss Denture today! We know that every smile is unique, and we will be able to provide you with a more personalized estimate based on your situation and needs.