Mini Dental Implants

If you are a good candidate for mini dental implants, the benefits are numerous, but mini dental implants are not right for everyone:

  • Mini dental implants are often less expensive,
  • but amount and strength of surrounding bone must be assessed,
  • understanding your dental implant options is key to choosing the right implant for you.

Dental Implants versus Mini Dental Implantsdental implants portland oregon

Mini Dental Implants are yet another technology that can be used to help restore your smile.  If you have missing teeth it’s highly recommended to take care of this problem to maintain your overall oral health as well as protect the gums and teeth around the affected area.  Failing to replace missing teeth not only makes it hard to chew, and alter your appearance, but after time the surrounding teeth will begin to move and break down due to unnecessary forces being placed on the remaining teeth. This problem can end up becoming very costly if nothing is done early on.  Dental Implants are an excellent solution for permanently replacing missing teeth and give patients more options of what to do when teeth have gone missing. Dental Implants, in general, are widely considered a much more dependable and comfortable solution to replacing missing teeth versus non-implant supported denture and bridge work.

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What are Mini Dental Implants and when would I use them?

Mini Dental Implants are essentially very similar in purpose and function to traditional Dental Implants; however, their size and structure differ greatly.  Mini Dental Implants are dental implants generally smaller that 3mm in size, whereas traditional Dental Implants are larger in diameter and length and have more surface area for bone to adhere to. Just as with traditional Dental Implants, Mini Dental Implants use a surgically placed titanium screw(s) into the patients jawbone that act as a permanent anchor to affix a prosthetic tooth or dental device.  Dental Implants are suitable for almost anyone who has missing teeth and is looking for the best alternative to loose fitting dentures or dental crowns and bridgework.

mini dental implants portland oregonSo Are Mini Dental Implants a good alternative to traditional dental implants for you?

Many patients are attracted to Mini Dental Implants because of their lower cost or the inability of the dentist  to place a regular sized dental implant in a given space. One factor that is very important in the dental implant procedure is the amount of bone and bone density in the area to receive the implant(s). Mini Implants offer the ability to place dental implants into areas where bone grafting would normally be required or if the bone is too thin in an area to place a traditional sized dental implant.

As with any implant, the strength and stability of the bone surrounding the dental implant are absolutely paramount for the long term success of the implant itself.  This is one area that normal sized traditional Dental Implants have a better success rate because of their greater size, but as with any dental implant procedure, each patient’s particular case details will ultimately deem what is the best solution to get the best results. Many factors such as occlusal load, type of dental device to be supported, and whether the implant(s) is/are needed in the upper or lower jawbone will determine the best treatment plan for the best chance for success. It is best to use mini implants in situations to help support a prosthetic device such as a denture. It is not advisable to use mini dental implants to support a single tooth crown or bridge long term because the loading forces are too great on these smaller sized implants.  Therefore, you will have more options for utilizing the traditional dental implant in the future versus the mini dental implant which has limitations due to its one piece configuration and lack of size and strength.

Portland Dental Implant Consultation

Understanding all your options when considering if Dental Implants are right for you should be the first thing you take care of.  Scheduling a consultation with a Dental Implant Specialist to understand your particular needs is highly recommended.  During this consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss all available options, dental implant costs, healing time, and the expected final result.  As this is a specialized oral surgery that can dramatically affect your comfort and appearance for years to come, careful consideration should be given to your choice of Dental Implant Specialist.

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